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Brands To Support In Their Fight to Make a Difference

Lush Cosmetics

Known as an ethically sourced brand that supports animal rights and fights unnessary packaging in their products. Lush has introduced a “Naked” line to fight plastic packaging in products, “Ocean-Inspired Faves” to support cleaner oceans and pridefully Support the LGBTQ+ community.

Seventh Generation

A household name by now, Seventh Generation carries plant based cleaning solutions for all areas of life. From Dish soap, to toilet bowl cleaners, to femine care products. With transparent ingredient labels explaing what each one is and why its in there, you can be confident in knowing exactly what you’re buying. Recycled packaging and fighting for the protection of our rainforest, animals, and climate change are at the forefront of this companies values.

The Honest Company

Focused on baby care like diapers, wipes, and body wash, The Honest Company has quickly expanded their reach into household cleaning supplies like all purpose cleaners and laundry detergent. The Honest Company has even started a clean beauty line for people looking to naturalize their makeup routine as well. Founded by Jessica Alba, Honest has proven that baby products can be made of clean materials and still work even better then their competitor.


Sustainability and Transparency in the way they create clothing is at the core of reformations company values. Reformation tracks their footprint in making clothing from the growth of the fibers to your washing machine. They offer a look into their own sustainablity reports through the years and make sure that suppliers meet their same strict standards.

Support Your Cause

Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Legacy Foundation


The Ocean Cleanup

Animal Protection

Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation

Sustainable Fisheries

Protect Wildlife and Stop Trophy Hunting


The Thirst Project

Islamic Relief USA

Stop Tearing Families Apart