Todays Idea: The Lifted Ban on Elephant Hunting In Botswana

Botswana is an African country with about a third of the savannah elephant population in its territory, thats the highest amount of elephants in africa. But now the government has decided to lift the ban that had kept those elephants protected from trophy hunting.

For the past five years, hunting Elephants has been an illegal sport, but now that’s all changed.

Its been said that the reason for the lift was “an increase of elephant population, a negative impact on the livelihoods of elephant hunters and an increase in elephant-human conflicts.”

 Paula Kahumbu, CEO of the nonprofit organization Wildlife Direct argues that “hunting causes serious stress, making elephants far more dangerous.” focusing on the issue of the wellbeing of the elephant population and saying that “Botswana’s intentions for their elephants will be the death of elephant populations elsewhere.”

The ban was put in place by the former president Ian Khama who was a conservationist himself. Issuing it in the first place to protect these animals from trophy hunters and ivory poachers. Something that has long been an issue in Africa. The former president even introduced the “shoot to kill” policy that allowed anti-poacher units to kill those who were out hunting these animals despite the policy in place. Things have taken a negative turn for the mammals after new president Mokgweetsi Masisi was sworn in. In May this year he even presented stools made of elephant feet as gifts to three other African leaders from Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia during a meeting about the elephants future.

source: BBC News

Acts like these must be acknowledged for the safety of animals who cannot speak for themselves. As a human race we cannot let actions like these go by without making it known that we will not stand for it.

If you would like to help in the fight against these types of policies you can send a letter to the Botswana government in your name right here.