How To: Fight Fast Fashion with These Sustainable Options

We all love a quick find at H&M or Zara but when you look into the realities of the fashion industry you’ll begin to notice that most of the clothes in our wardrobe are wrong in every way. They don’t fit right, they last just about two washes before looking like your dads car rag, and the seams are already coming undone.

Quality may not be high on everyones list when they go shopping but when investing your hard earned money on clothing that should make you feel beautiful, you want it to last for years to come. We put together four of our favorite brands that are changing the fashion game with transparant pricing and ethical sourcing.

If you thought using reusable straws and cloth shopping bags was the only way to save the earth you’re wrong.

Excess Only

Excess only is an online store that creates beautiful pieces from excess fabrics in Europe. Only getting the best quality fabric from high end brands their quantity of pieces are very limited and extremely one on one. Their instagram @excess_only will routinely ask its followers what kind of materials they want to see being used in their pieces. This Is one of our favorite places to find unique pieces with a “made just for you” feel.


Everlane is a brand that prides itself on “Transparent Pricing” telling you exactly how much an item cost them to make and how much they are selling it to you for versus a high end retail price. They even have “choose what you pay” on overproduced items, letting you decide what an item cost to you. Everything from underwear to shoes to bags seen on Meghan Markle, Everlane makes sure you know exactly what factories their items are made in and the conditions of the people working there.

Amour Vert

Not only does Amour Vert deliver classic sustainable clothing, but they actually plant a tree when you buy a Tee from their site. All of the materials used to created their limited quantity collections are actually fully detailed on the site itself so you know exactly what kind of fabric is going on your skin.


A name we have all heard about by now, Reformation is no small brand. Living by the saying “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2” they have a reputation of leaving you feeling like you really made the right choice in shopping. Letting you know just how much water you saved with your order, and how their brand as a whole upkeeps sustainable practices.