Protect Your Plants From the Cold

For many plant lovers out there, the cold weather can be an intimidating time. Especially for first time planters in the fall and winter. The Fall is a good time to start looking into ways to protect your outdoor plants from harm if you live in a place where frost warnings are common.

Plants are full of water, and when the temperature reaching freezing level (32 degrees) the water inside of the plant can actually freeze and cause tissue damage to the plants. On the other hand, if the frost covers the outside of the plant, it could dry the plant out, making it look like you haven’t watered it. Usually this happens at night when its naturally dropped in temperature.

But of course, there are things you can do to prevent this tragic event from occurring to your precious plants.

  • If you only have a couple plants outside on your porch or balcony, the easiest thing you could do is simply pull your plants inside at night
  • If you have an uncountable amount of plants or your plants are in ground, you can take some old blankets, drop cloths or bed sheets and cover them at night.

Make sure to remove them when the temperature rises again in the morning if you cover your plants.

If you do see some cold weather damage don’t freak out. Just keep protecting your plants and wait until the spring time when the temperature rises again and see if the plant sprouts again. You would be surprised at how well your plants bounce back.