What’s An ACV Rinse?

Of all the DIY beauty routines out there, this one might be the most questionable. Just like most people, we were skeptical at first. The idea of putting actual vinegar on your hair does not sound like we would be reaping any benefits. But with a little research and some home trials, we found out what the buzz is all about.

An ACV rinse balances your scalp PH and keeps it healthy. It can also remove the buildup of product over time like clarifying shampoos but a very popular reason a lot of people are turning to an ACV rinse is for its scalp stimulating effects which can help hair grow.

Homemade v. Store Bought

You can take one of two routes in your ACV rinse journey, make it yourself or buy it ready. To reduce our plastic packaging and the convince of already having the ingredients on hand, we took the homemade path. Our recipe was simple, 1:1 ratio of cooled boiled water to apple cider vinegar and a few drops of rosemary and lavender essential oils.

This ACV rinse by dp HUE is a store bought version that requires no extra hassle.

The Test

For our homemade recipe, it calls for this rinse as a replacement for conditioner. The ACV rinse pictured above is a replacement for shampoo so make sure to define what your hair needs and choose from there.

After using our homemade recipe as a conditioner for two weeks washing every other day or so we noticed that the smell can linger while your hair is wet. So if you hate the way ACV smells you can use two parts water to one part ACV. Store-bought Rinses may also have a less prominent smell, but make sure to read the label for added ingredients your hair may not like.


After two weeks of rinses, we noticed an undeniable shine to our hair, But with some dryness on fine hair. if you already have dry hair I would skip on a homemade rinse but if you want to try it, go for store-bought as they have more moisture-locking ingredients. For those who are up to the challenge of experimenting with their recipe go right for the homemade version and you just might create your new favorite product!