Alternatives For a Plastic Free Grocery Trip

The biggest and easiest way to start living a more sustainable and eco friendly lifestyle is by switching to reusable grocery and produce bags. Not only are you skipping on adding more plastic waste to the world but you join the movement that lets big corporations know that the consumer cares about the earth and is saying no to the bags they mass produce.

Reusable grocery bags have more than an enviormental benefit, these bags are bigger and more sturdy than traditional plastic bags, so they can hold heavier items and more of them in one bag. So your trip to the store that left you with 10 or more bags gets cut right in half, So your trips back and forth from the car to the door are long gone.

You can find reusable bags right in your local grocery store or online.

Produce Bags

When you start making steps to avoid more plastic eventually, you’ll notice just how much you waste when buying produce. The plastic in produce bags can be even worse than the grocery bags because it’s so thin, they can’t be recycled to make new bags. We could always go without them but then cringe a bit when thinking about letting our foods touch the belt at checkout. Luckily for us, Amazon is crawling with reusable options for produce.

For more options on reusable and eco friendly options check out this Amazon list.