A More Sustainable Diet: For The Earth and Your Body

Everyone knows that the key to a healthy body is to introduce more naturally grown produce. It’s not only better for you, but for the enviorment too.

The production of livestock uses land, water, and produces toxic chemicals in order to maintain that production. The union of concerned scientists actually says that a pound of beef is responsible for some 18 times the climate emissions of a pound of pasta. Not only that, but cows produce methane, which traps heat that “has 21 times more heat-trapping potential than carbon dioxide“. Our own eating habits are directly affecting the health of our own planet.

You don’t have to completely change your diet overnight, but taking steps to a more earth-friendly diet can make a big difference. Try skipping on meat a couple of times a week when you would normally have it. Foods like beans, lentils, and dairy-free milk are other sources of protein you can try.

Dairy, when you think about it is really not meant to be in our diet. Just because humans have been drinking it for decades does not change the fact that milk, like breastmilk, is meant for their own young, not us. Cutting dairy from your diet has benefits like clearer skin, less digestive problems, and even weight loss. Try switching to Almond milk or Oat milk, you’ll see how quickly your tastebuds become accustomed to the taste and you might even find a tastier option.

Try dedicating a day or daily meal to plant-based options. You’ll be surprised at how many options you never knew about are just waiting to be discovered.