Clean and Reef Friendly Sunscreen

When it came to sunscreen, your mom was right. It’s one of the most important steps in any skincare routine no matter what. From your newborn to your grandma, everyone should protect themselves from the sun.

Even though the sun does provide us with nutrients, we should be protected while recieving them.

No sunscreen is the same, and when protecting yourself from UV rays, you should be cautious of harmful chemicals in ordinary sunscreens as well. Some products are harmful not only to your body but to the coral reefs that need our protection more than ever.

This All Natural Mineral Sunscreen is Organic, full of only natural ingrediants and is reef friendly. It also comes in a reusable food grade, recyclable tin. Providing 35 SPF, its easy to carry and water resistant.

Mad Hippie Facial SPF provides 35+ SPF and is made up of only the most natural and clean ingredients, reef freindly and not only chemical free but full of antioxidant protection.

Goddess Garden Mineral Daily Sunscreen has a 30 SPF and is safe for sensitive skin, cruelty free, and on the target clean products list. Also reef friendly, this is an easy find at your local target.