Is Your Party Adding To World Pollution? Try Eco Friendly Party Decor

The most literal symbol for letting go may come at a hefty price to the environment. Just like plastic shopping bags, balloons end up in the ocean and mistakenly eaten by animals like sea turtles causing serious consequences for our ocean friends.

Balloons are the obvious choice when thinking about planning an event but with today’s growing concern for the environment, alternatives like eco-friendly paper decorations and reusable partyware are options to consider.

Instead of thinking about disposable party supplies, think reusable.

A party can be a great excuse to get that new pitcher you’ve had your eye on or even a new cupcake rack. Try foods like can be held in small napkins and don’t require full paper plates.

Using glassware to store table snacks instead of disposable trays is a great start to greener celebrations. Using paper wall decorations instead of latex balloons can also give your parties a unique and professional-looking touch.

Try a different approach to party favors, like giving things that can be wrapped in string, or put in recyclable or reusable boxes. This can also take the stress out of trying to fill a party bag with multiple different things and just focusing on one or two options.

Try making one or two changes to your next party and take small steps that work for you and your party needs. Remember that making small changes can lead to a big difference in how we treat our world, so don’t get discouraged if you only make small changes, every action counts!