Todays Idea: Nature’s Tattoo Inspiration

One of the most popular tattoos comes from nature itself


Tattoos have always been popular, but tattoos of birds have especially been the go-to tattoo idea. It’s an easy way to symbolize freedom for those who get them. In some cultures the tattoo of a bird actually symbolizes the idea of eternal life and the link between heaven and earth. It’s not hard to see the attraction that millions of people have to the animal, from quick and easy bird outlines to the most detailed realistic tattoo you can find, these birds come in all shapes and sizes. Birds of course are one of the most free to roam animals on earth, being able to fly all over the world without boundries, or obligations to any specific area. Something that some people long to do themselves. If you take a closer look you would be surprised at how many people resonate with this meaning and have taken to their own bodies to express that, wether it’s thier own personal significance, a family connection or they simply like the way it looks, this tattoo can suit anyone.

Celebrities like Emma Stone, Shawn Mendes, Ruby Rose, and Harry Styles have all taken inspiration from nature to get Inked.