Sharks! Sharks! Sharks!

“In 2013, the journal Marine Policy estimated that we are killing over 11.000 per hour around the world. 11.000 sharks per hour means about 100.000.000 per year, but the journal also said that the actual numbers could be almost three times as many as that.”

Generally, when people hear “shark” it is accompanied by negative feelings, traumatic experiences, or a general dislike. We don’t see sharks as friendly animals like we do a dog, we turn the other way when we’re in the water and we try our best to stay far far away. But No matter what our personal feelings towards the animals, we are faced with a crisis of their livelihood that can impact the entire ocean, therefore our entire ecosystem.

Shark fin soup has been around, and while many would think again before eating “shark soup” this dish has been extremely popular all around China. Although it may look like just another bowl of food, the reality of that meal is the millions and millions of sharks dead in the ocean. Drowning in their own home because they can’t swim. Sharks are pulled from the water, stripped of their fins and then thrown back in to die all for that small bowl of soup on a table.

Sharks already suffer from low fertility rate, large juveniles, slow growth, and late maturity. Making Reproduction slow naturally but with the added burden of being hunted down, it seems almost impossible for sharks to gain a foot ahead of humans. Sharks are so incredibly important to the health of the ocean and coral reefs (which are already suffering enough).

Companies like Lush Cosmetics are drawing awareness to this issue with their “Ocean-Inspired Faves”. Lush Cosmetics revealed a “shark fin soap” with 100% of the earnings being donated to the Rob Stewart Sharkwater Foundation. “Charity Pot body Lotion” also supports “grassroots organizations working on human rights, animal protection, and environmental justice, including groups devoted to shark protection and healthy oceans”.

Shark Fin Soup is only one exploration of thousands that sharks are suffering from. Make sure to check your labels for animal-derived Squalene, Shark Liver Oil, and Shark Meat.