Can Flowers Improve Your Mental Health? What You Might Not Know

Not Just a Pretty Face, Flowers Can Boost Your Mental Health and Mood

Nature helps us in more ways than we know. Flowers are commonly known to bring a smile to anyone receiving them but the inital mood boost doesn’t stop there. If being around indoor houseplants can lift our spirits, then colorful flowers must do wonders right?

Flowers have been proven to show the jump in mood can last for days, the colors, smell and the action of receiving flowers or even giving them can be linked to improved mental standing. Flowers can improve anxiety, sleep, and your overall emotions.

Jasmine and Lavender are known to help with sleep, easing anxiety and stress. Lack of sleep puts more stress on your mind and body. Your Heart rate and blood pressure can actually be lowered with the smell of lavender to help you relax for proper sleep.

Even just the color of a flower can have a powerful impact on your emotions. We all know how powerful our emotions can be, and the simple color a flower is can turn you one way or another. Generally people give white roses in times of a loss becuase it symbolizes hope, purity and heaven. Red can be angry, passionate or love, yellow can be bright and happy while blue is sad or calm. So many different colors can be anything to anyone but colors and scents can trigger chemcials in our brain that lift our spirits and bring a happier more peaceful day than what we expected. So grab some flowers and make someones day or even just grab a couple for yourself.