The Best Reusable Straws: For You and The Planet

“Reusable straws are becoming household staples”

If anything should be trending, it’s environmentally friendly alternatives to age-old household staples. If you’ve ever eaten out or grabbed a quick drink on your way to work or basically haven’t been living under a rock your whole life, then you have used a plastic straw. They are everywhere. Almost every business uses straws, and that’s not including every other place that uses them for their own office or home.

If you were thinking about taking any kind of step towards a more sustainable lifestyle, or you just like the way reusable straws look, then now is the time. The internet is crawling with any kind of straw you could think of, but we at The Fifth have our own very favorite kind. Wide and Glass. There really is nothing like the sleek minimal style of a clear glass straw and there is nothing worse than a narrow straw. So we’re sharing our favorites with you.

These straws are not only wide enough for bubble tea, but they come with their own cleaning brushes so you don’t have to worry about how to get in there.

These Glass straws are a couple more dollars but come with a travel bag in addition to the cleaning brushes and straws.

And if you’re more of a colorful soul, then these colored glass straws are for you.

If you need inspiration to start your waste free journey, use This list to find reusable alternatives for all your daily products.